Why does the watch suddenly go faster?
At some point, we will find that the watch is running fast for tens of minutes or even hours. What is the reason for this:
1) The watch is placed next to an electrical appliance or a permanent magnet object that generates a magnetic field;
2) There is a foreign body in the hairspring.

Is the error different when the watch is worn and not worn?
The luck error of a watch, including precision error and position error. Because of the influence of the gravitational force of the earth, the luck error generated by the watch in different positions is also different, which is the position difference. When the watch is static, there is usually only one position, and the luck error of the watch is relatively stable, but its position is ever-changing when it is worn, and the resulting luck error is also constantly changing. By increasing the precision of parts and the frequency of pendulum theory, high-end mechanical watches try to reduce the influence of the position difference on the precision of their luck. After the watch is in the water, the pendulum hairspring is soaked in water; then we should understand the reason why the watch is running fast, so we need to go to a professional store to degauss or clean and protect the hairspring.

Why does the quartz watch stop?
1) The watch has been in contact with the magnetic field
2) Dry battery is dead
3) Pull the head away
If the above situation is not the case, you can ask the professional and technical personnel to further investigate.

Why does the watch stop when the head of the watch is pulled open?
By default, the watch is equipped with a mechanical stop-second device, which ensures that the pointer indicating the seconds on the watch can be calibrated. After the user adjusts the time, sometimes the sleeve or string will take it away when wearing clothes, but the user does not know it. .

Why is the dry battery dead when I buy a watch that is not long?
The watch ran out of power not long after it was bought. Generally speaking, it was because the dry battery had been put into the watch when it left the factory. Since then, it has started to consume electricity. When you bought it, it happened to be the time when it left the factory. It’s been a long time. In this case, the manufacturer will replace the dry battery free of charge.

Why doesn’t it go away soon after changing the battery?
This is generally caused by the quality of the dry battery, so try to replace the original dry battery when replacing the dry battery. If it is true that the dry battery changed in the professional shop still has such a situation, it proves that the mechanical part of the watch has sludge or gear shaft wear, indicating that the starting voltage and power consumption are too large, resulting in a reduction in the life of the dry battery. Therefore, in addition to changing dry batteries, it is also necessary to do regular maintenance and maintenance of the watch.

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