All products are displayed on Rolex available from official Rolex retailers.

All Rolex watches are carefully assembled by hand to ensure extraordinary performance. These strict standards also limit the production of watches, sometimes even in short supply. Therefore, some Rolex models may need more supply. Official Rolex Retailers can provide inventory information for Rolex watches.

Suppose you add or replace any parts or accessories not manufactured by Rolex for Rolex products, and any third party makes any changes, modifications, or replacement materials to or on Rolex products without the authorization of Rolex. In that case, the warranty service will be canceled. Rolex does not allow unauthorized third parties to modify Rolex products, including literal and graphic elements and customized requirements (such as covering the watch with a black coating, adding diamonds, bezels, dials, and straps, etc.). Such modifications may impair the quality and reliability of Rolex products.

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